THE BACKSTORY - Behind The ELITE NINE Collection

The past four or five years my therapist has been recommending I spend time with people I care about who offered a positive exchange of energy, because I was becoming an isolate and began to experience some loneliness - especially during the pandemic. She would often say, “We need you to get yo ass out of the house and be around your people - your community.” This was hard because even though isolation wasn’t necessarily good for me, I had gotten used to it over time and just didn’t want to be around people.

It had been six years since I had been to my college homecoming, so she suggested I make it a point to be there because the Jackson State crew was a part of my community - my people. I promised her I would be there no matter what.

So, I went.

During those three days I spent there, I got a chance to share laughs, hugs, and moments with classmates that I hadn’t seen in at least six years. Man, that reunion was one I’ll never forget.

But hanging out, tailgating and spending time with my frat brothers reminded me that they were a critical part of my community - my people - my DAWG TEAM.

I also spent time with my friends in other fraternities and sororities tailgating, going from tent to tent, eating, drinking, and talking shit. It was cool to see how even though all of us are different in our own way, we were all a part of the same group - The Divine Nine.  I said to myself, “Damn, it’s pretty damn cool to be part of such an elite community. We can have a good time but still be dedicated to humanity and service.”

I’m glad I went.

Needless to say my therapist was right - I did need “to get my ass out and be around my people.” It reignited a flame and reminded me just how important it is to spend time with my community.

So, what did I do to appreciate and honor that flame? I created a candle collection dedicated to the Divine Nine, the sororities and fraternities whose flame will forever burn.

I introduce to you the limited candle collection - The Elite Nine.

Reignite Your Flame