Elevating Your Space

Welcome to the world of REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR, where creativity and ambiance blend seamlessly. As a pioneer of mobile pop-up candle-making bars, we've set out to revolutionize any landscape with an innovative concept. Our temporary candle-making bars can be brought to your home, office, hotel or any area you choose.

REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR not only captivates visitors but also provides a sense of peace.

REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR station can be designed to reflect the vibe and style of your space.

We Make It Personal

Our highlighted candle-making stations offer an opportunity for guests to engage in a hands-on creative process. We aim to take your guests on a journey, where each individual has the chance wick their vessel, learn the dos and don'ts of candle burning, create a customized fragrance with our signature selection of essential oils, blend and mold a personalized candle in 45 minutes or less.

Visitors are not only creating a candle, they're unleashing their story - and you provided them the space to do so. Additionally, they walk away with something to hold and an experience to remember. 

Everyone Can Have Some Fun

The magic of REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR transcends age, interests, and occasions. You're uniting people who share a love for unique and personalized experiences.

It's the perfect activity for -

  • Families looking for quality bonding time
  • Friends celebrating a special occasion
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Date night
  • Team-building activities
  • Tourists looking for that local experience

It's an environment that fosters camaraderie as they create together. 

Our Commitment To You

REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR brings the luxuriously innovative, peaceful and engaging atmosphere, that we have created in our flagship Reggie Hathorn Chicago store at 900 N Michigan Ave over the past three years, to any location. Team Reggie Hathorn Chicago is committed to delivering an experience that is memorable, authentic, and unique. 

Let's Do This

Allow REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR to light up your world with a unique, immersive, and creative experience. When you invite our pop-up bar to your space, you transform an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience. Discover why RH CANDLE BAR is the ideal choice - 

Contact us today to have the REGGIE HATHORN CANDLE BAR experience brought to your location - 312-761-8897.