Before I ever thought about putting my name on a candle, I had a fundamental belief: The purpose of candles is simple - a way to light dark places. That’s it.

My love affair with candles began after my first therapy session following my divorce several years ago. The first thing I did when I got home was light a candle, journal and put on some tunes. I remember playing Frank Sinatra, The Commodores, Barry White and other artists. I can’t remember the scent or brand of the candle, but what I do remember is the space it put me in…peaceful, moments of nothingness, self-reflective thoughts, pain, and even some laughs.

After years of therapy, the thing that resonated the most is you have to take time for yourself to process. Honesty and patience played a huge part of my process. Music, candles and journaling became a part of my process. I couldn’t process without journaling with a candle burning in the background. Therapy, candles and journaling became part of that thing that inspired me to want to grow and heal. I guess you can say, "I discovered my flame." And that flame has burned ever since.

Each candle is named after a phase of my growth and healing. And the funny thing is, since self development is never-ending and I’m ever-evolving, I’ve revisited every single phase over and over.  Those stages or phases, whatever you want to call them, have become a part of my every day life. There is something I need from at least one of them daily, whether it be Joy, a moment of Self-reflection, or Love - you name it - I need it.

For me, you’re getting more than a candle. You’re getting steps to a better you and a flame for your dark places. 

So, I invite you to Discover Your Flame.


See you in the Light,