We were founded upon the belief that fragrances and scents can take you to a special place. A place that can that can remind you of a moment in time that brings you joy, think about love, a time for self-reflection or a moment worth reveling; a place that is just for you.

Our aim is to take you on a journey to Self Awareness, whatever that looks like for you. Thus, we have named and curated each one of our fragrances to put you in a space to embrace who and what you are, give you courage to evolve, express gratitude, and to live and be the real you. Because all of those things are critical in achieving the total understanding of Self.

We firmly believe that once you arrive at the Awareness of Self, your purpose can be revealed.

Reggie Hathorn Chicago was built on the idea that full Self Awareness exists. We are purposefully driven in all that we do. And no matter where you are in your journey, by design, “We Meet You Where You Are.”

That is our promise to you.


Team Reggie Hathorn Chicago