Muf*cka - A Bold New Perspective on GROWTH, HEALING, AND SELF-ACCECPTANCE

Have you experienced times when you thought life might break you?
Have you struggled to find ways to cope with the obstacles in your way?
Are you ready to change and be bold, unapologetic and honest about who you are?
We all face challenges in life, often from a very young age when we start to interact with others who may have an unfamiliar perspective from us or see the differences in us. Unfortunately, for some, there can be interactions which affect them in ways that remain with them for years, often concealed and unseen by others but no less damaging all the same.
In his book, Muf*cka: A Bold New Perspective on Growth, Healing and Self-Acceptance, author Reggie Hathorn examines the moments that came close to breaking him in his own childhood, how he defeated them and how you can too through:
  • Seeing himself for who he was
  • Healing from the inside
  • Growing as a person and a unique individual
  • Laughing at himself
  • Becoming more transparent
  • Seeking therapy to improve life-long coping skills
  • Finding the path to self-love
  • Finally accepting himself
More than just a memoir of a childhood and early adult years, Muf*cka takes an in-depth look at mental health, how it affects us personally and how its challenges can be faced head-on and beaten, allowing for the seeds of new growth and self-acceptance to flourish.
Get your copy now and see how Muf*cka could change your perspective on life and how you deal with it!