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EMBRACING is relinquishing control and giving life's chances room to manifest. When the unexpected knocks at your door the unique scent of the EMBRACE room spray will invite it in, accept it and make some space.

Allow the aromatic blend of coconut, magnolia tuberose and gardenia to show you the way. Just have a seat and enjoy the ride. It’s all happening at the right time - EMBRACE it. 

The Embrace reed diffuser allows you to welcome the unexpected wherever life takes you without worrying about the smoke detector.

Top: Coconut, Peach, White Berries
Middle: Rose, Magnolia Tuberose, Gardenia
Base: Vanilla

Volume: 200ml
Matte Black Glass

8 Reed Sticks

Shake well. Remove the cap. Place up to six reed diffuser sticks inside and place in the desired location. Flip reeds weekly, or more often, to intensify the fragrance experience. Place in a strategic location in your home to maximize the effect of the fragrance. Place your reed diffusers in high-traffic areas like your main entryway or a frequently used hallway. Be sure to always place your reed diffusers on a stable surface where it cannot be knocked over.

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